Friday, 11 October 2013

L'Eroica 2013 experience - Part 3 of 5

The Italians are straight forward people. We were today that there would be tough and long stretches of Strada Bianca. Those that had come from a mountain biking background didn't think too much of it as The Coach had let us experience some of the white stuff the day before.

We started with a beautiful ride on Siena roads. Had a break in between. Everyone was enjoying themselves with no qualms of what laid ahead.

It was a beautiful day.

The Coach says "Now the pain begins, cigarettes out, let's ship out."

 Taking a breather before hitting it.

 Lady Bianca said "Hi!"

  It began to hurt.

    Coach looking out for the rest of us. Loose gravel and skinny tires were not a                good mix.

 Tough but still thoroughly enjoyable.

 No comprendo how to rido..but we did.

 This is where it got tough.

One of the hardest rides of my life. 55km, 900m in elevation. Our legs were shot, arms were aching and asses burning. Italians speak the truth. It was a tough day.