About Us

Old Steelers was created in 2011 by our founder (Desmond Tan) and was born from a collective idea that cycling is not just about getting the meanest, baddest and lightest bike out in the market, it’s about appreciating the stories, craftsmanship and history that each bike encapsulates.

By documenting our rides, we at Old Steelers are dedicated to share our love and passion for vintage bicycles in Singapore. We look forward to expand the community by meeting like minded people around the world.

When we are not riding, we share photos of cool bikes, troll on ebay and wait for the postman to deliver stuff from eBay.

This site should appeal to those who, like us are passionate about the sport, collecting classic bicycles and of course riding them. We urge you to join us for one of our rides and rekindle the vintage spirit!

Love all, ride all… 

Old Steelers