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Monday, 29 April 2013


Sunday rides are about to get serious. With Rapha's Gents race just around the corner, it is time to put some serious miles in them legs. For all participants, we urge that you do 150-200km a week to fully enjoy the experience.

We met many OCBC 'riders' along the way. To each his own, I was brought up to say nothing when you do not have anything good to say, so I'll leave it as that.
Our route was short and sweet, some did not have a 2nd front chain ring and some had just come back from Fatherhood. We still managed to cover Mt Sophia and Bukit Brown. Do visit on foot or on a bike, you'll understand why people are trying to preserve it as a heritage site.


We had to end the ride with a protein filled brunch like all top level cyclists should. Duck porridge, duck soup with salty vegetables and duck meat. Duck Dynasty is showing on the History channel too.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

V2 Jersey Pre-order

Old Steelers will be having limited pre orders for new V2 Cycling Jerseys. 
1)Please email us at oldsteelers@gmail.com to make purchase.
2)After receiving a confirmation reply, kindly transfer the amount to the bank account given. TBA.
3)After payment received, a serial number will be given. TAKE NOTE! If no serial number is given to you, it means your order is not confirmed. 
Please email us if you have any enquires about the jersey and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Price $55 (Pre-order) U.P $59
Sizes S - XXXL
The 'Allo 'Allo. 
Taking ques from the British, French and US colours, this option clear, concise and smart. No BS.
The 'Maillot Jaune'
We all know yellow represents le Tour de France. A dash of red for blood, sweat and tears..

The 'Bentley'
In the 1920s Bentley cars were hugely successful at the Le Mans 24h races,
all sporting a mid- to dark-green colours commonly known as BRG. 

Speed and elegance, what more can we say..

Monday, 1 April 2013

Taipei Cycle Show 2013

Old Steelers were recently in Taipei soaking up Asia's biggest and arguably the world's most important bicycle trade show. This is a place where you not only can get a OEM supplier to build you a bike but also an entire cycling range.

Exhibitors were showcasing their expertise in hydro-forming, CNC machining, carbon layering and other technologies ending with -ing.

Tange tubes, Taiwanese craftsmanship

Perfect for slow biking 

Japanese goodness  

Rapha cross 

The new Cervelo P5 

Rikulau with Reynolds 931 

I have always wanted one!

The legendary Toyo 

A replica  

Sleek stuff from cateye 

Miyata making a comback

This an insight of what we saw. The possibilities are endless..