Monday, 1 April 2013

Taipei Cycle Show 2013

Old Steelers were recently in Taipei soaking up Asia's biggest and arguably the world's most important bicycle trade show. This is a place where you not only can get a OEM supplier to build you a bike but also an entire cycling range.

Exhibitors were showcasing their expertise in hydro-forming, CNC machining, carbon layering and other technologies ending with -ing.

Tange tubes, Taiwanese craftsmanship

Perfect for slow biking 

Japanese goodness  

Rapha cross 

The new Cervelo P5 

Rikulau with Reynolds 931 

I have always wanted one!

The legendary Toyo 

A replica  

Sleek stuff from cateye 

Miyata making a comback

This an insight of what we saw. The possibilities are endless..