Thursday, 10 October 2013

L'Eroica 2013 experience - Part 2 of 5

With our bikes set up the night before, we were eager to hit the roads and experience the Tuscan hills for the first time.  I would say we thoroughly enjoyed the 8-10 minute downhill section on damped sweeping roads.

Marco 'The Coach' brought us to a short gravel section, commonly called the "Strada Bianca". Our teeth chattered, tennis elbows started revealing themselves as our saddles slapped our asses like we were on mechanical bulls. We were on these white roads for a mere 5 mins and I thought to myself "Should have brought that mountain bike instead!"

The coach giving instructions and Wally with the peace sign!

 It was chilly and needed a bit of getting used to for the boys from Singapore.

The coach keeping an eye on his chargers.

Calvin enjoying himself.

 To world peace. But the ride was hard.

An Australian pro joined us. Pro whisky drinker.

 Our break before 12km of incline with 500m elevation.

Some needed help.

There's always and excuse..