Saturday, 2 March 2013

American Classics, same but different

After a long love affair with Italian bikes, I have recently had the opportunity to acquire an American icon. Richard Sachs, one of the most vocal frame builders in the industry, has been doing his own thing for the past 40 years.
He responded to my email within 10 minutes of with me sending it out, halfway around the globe. I spent 5 hrs polishing the frame, caressed every contour almost to orgasmic levels.

The Italians bring flair and romance. The Americans bring customization and craftsmanship to another level.

The 6.2kg Litespeed Ghisallo is no slouch being a 10 year old frame. We pulled our share during the 55k ride and tested our limits in an impromptu uphill race. Good thing we didn't have breakfast, else we would be mimicking a Singaporean mascot called the Merlion.

Well, like they say "Pain is weakness leaving the body".